New Website

Mar 29 2014

New website, new name, new logo
... but it's still the same Child
Development Centre that has been working in the heart of your community for over fifty years! 

Here’s Why We Changed
We want to get to the heart … we want everyone to know who we are, where we are, and most importantly that we care for children!  We want everyone to know that the Childcare Centre is run by eighteen, gifted, educated, and hard-working child care professionals!  These professionals have educated and cared for, hundreds of community children over their three to twenty years, and loved every minute!  We are located within the Cedar Grove Baptist Church facility, with use of a full size gymnasium, two playgrounds solely for the use of the Childcare Centre, two well equipped kitchens, three preschool classrooms, large event rooms, and the list goes on.  Our hard working child care workers and facility are also supported and cared for by the awesome staff at Cedar Grove Baptist Church – we are blessed!

Most of all we have heart … heart for you, your family, your children and this community. 

If you need child care, check us out here and then give us call to arrange a tour.  If you don’t need child care then please check us out anyway - and spread the word!

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