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Leadership - Administration


The leadership team (made up of representatives from each department) is responsible for the overall operation of the centre. It serves as a practical support group, an advisory body and liaison between the church and the centre. Monthly meetings deal with policies, procedures, budgets, as well as family and staff support.

While the leadership team strives to meet the daily challenges of the Centre’s operations, its primary goal is to serve the children and families of the community to the best of its ability. Parents are warmly encouraged to offer any ideas they may have.




Michael Vuorensivu, Executive Pastor  

My journey is an amazing story of how God can take a messy life, and completely transform a heart towards His purposes. God has most recently amazed me with a confirmation as Executive Pastor here at Cedar Grove.  I had the honour of being an Overseer for three years at Cedar Grove before moving into a staff pastoral position.  In my role with the church I provide oversight and leadership to the Childcare Centre and am temporarily filling in as Director.

When I am not at work at Cedar Grove you might find me at home with my big family including many international homestay students and my 90 year old father in law, who also live with us.As free time allows, I enjoy hunting, cycling, gardening, and riding on my Harley -- with my wife Kristiina on the back!  

We have a community of people here at Cedar Grove that really work at being authentic with one another—messy lives and all -- and we love that.  We hope you will join us and jump into deeper relationship with God and others . I encourage you to take steps to get into church community!

Please give me a call at (604) 584-2311, Ext. 233.  I look forward to meeting you!




Andrea Goodwin, Assistant Director

My husband and I started attending Cedar Grove church about 15 years ago. Prior to this, we were not a church going family. In very early spring of that year, at a Mother/daughter retreat, I was brought to unrelenting tears of incredible, un-experiential love! I told a Christian friend of mine that I needed to find more of that beautiful love that I found on the weekend. She recommended Cedar Grove! I recall being concerned about getting the same old “we’re too busy” response from my husband, yet when I told him that I had found something so profoundly beautiful and needed more of that, his response was a simple, “Okay!” 

For weeks on end, I cried those same tears that I cried at retreat. We met people who cared about us as though they had known us for years. Loving people from the congregation encouraged our children to join youth services and youth camps. Love poured out from everyone we met!

My childhood dream of working with children began when I volunteered to help in Sunday school and then grew further as I was asked to actually lead children other volunteers during Sunday school class and during summer VBS. Once again, my dreams grew greater as an opportunity to work in the Cedar Grove Childcare presented itself. I completed my Early Childhood Education Assistant certificate and then later pursued full qualifications.

I love the opportunity to love!! Working with and encouraging others fills my every being! I have great love and compassion for our Childcare children and their families, and am delighted to call Cedar Grove Church and Childcare staff my FAMILY!

Please give me a call at (604) 584-2311, Ext. 233 or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. If you have any questions.