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Lunch Program

Sep 19 2022

This is Why

We cannot stress enough how important it is that children eat a well-balanced diet.  A healthy diet helps children to learn, grow, and gives them the energy they need to get through their day.  So rather than stress, we provide lunch and snacks!  No need for parents or caregivers to worry about what they will provide for lunch for children in the Childcare 3 to 5 and School Age Programs!  Children in the Childcare 3 to 5 program are provided two snacks and a lunch every day and children in the School Age Program are provided the same during all school breaks (Non-instructional school days, Spring Break and Summer)! 
We don’t provide lunch for the Infant Care Program as children at a young age can be sensitive to a wide range of foods … better that Mom or Dad take care of this just to be sure!

What We Provide

Our menu is not set in stone nor does it reflect our entire list of options. We enjoy teaching, learning and trying new food items, along with the children. In fact, if there is a food item from your family's culture that you think we might like, please share that recipe and we’ll do our best to try it out.

We enjoy a variety of warm meals such as: Hamburger, Potato or Chicken noodle soups, Chilli, Butter Chicken, Quiche, Baked Potato wedges, Spaghetti, Macaroni & Cheese (yes, mostly home-made), Pancakes or French Toast & Sausage.  Our sandwich days consist of options such as WOW butter and jam, Egg salad, tuna, ham and cheese, grilled cheese.

Every meal and snack served will either contains fruits and/or vegetables or offer them on the side.  Treats are offered on occasion, such as: Zucchini loaf, Banana bread, Rice Krispie squares, or Birthday Cake (a great way to celebrate together!)

"Sharing meals helps to develop social skills in children. Children learn from behaviour modelled by parents and older siblings. Mealtimes provide an opportunity where children and adolescents can learn to listen and learn how to interact in conversation. The ritual of the shared meal continuously reinforces individual identity: who he/she is, where does he/she belong or what his/her role might be. Qualities such as empathy and understanding can be developed as views and perspectives other than one's own can be discussed.  Importantly, mealtimes make people feel connected to others."

Meals are served family-style and each child is encouraged to try each food that is offered. We start serving lunch at 11:30 am, and snacks at 9:30 am, and 3:00 pm.  Food is only served at these times to avoid disrupting the daily routine and other scheduled activities.  Children who choose not to eat will need to wait until the next meal or snack. The timing of the meals are set so that children go no more than three hours without being offered food.  If your child will be absent during a scheduled meal, you will need to make sure to feed him/her before arrival.


Milk is offered with each meal.  Water is served at snack times and available all throughout the day.  Fruit juice is only a very occasional treat and then only during snacks and on field trips.


We are a strictly, Nut Free facility, but because many food allergies and sensitivities can result in severe or life-threatening reactions, we require that you indicate any allergies or sensitivities your child may have.  All efforts will be made to prevent your child coming into contact with the food in question.

To learn more about our Lunch Program or schedule a tour, call our office at (604) 584-2311 Ext. 233